7 Most Significant Indian Festivals and Gifts associated with them

Everyone awaits the whole for the arrival of festivals. These are the days we enjoy to the fullest in our lives. The festivity brings a lot of joy, positivity, hope, and refreshing vibrant moments in our dull lives. The most special thing about these auspicious days is “togetherness”. At festivals, we get closer to the people who are important to us. Doesn’t matter whether we are in touch with a distant relative on regular basis or not, we share good wishes on these special occasions. It is true that in every country the joy of festivals is always special but in India, it is altogether a different feeling when the days are full of colorful rituals. In our country, we respect all kinds of customs and religions and gracefully share diverse cultures. Therefore in our calendars, we have a lot of holidays for several festivals. Also, in our country, we believe that happiness gets doubled when it is shared among our loved ones. Wishing close ones gifts on such days is an important part of our culture.

Here is a list of 7 most significant Indian festivals along with the apt gifts associated with these days:
Diwali: From Dhanteras to Badi Diwali, we all know that Diwali is the biggest festival in our country. No words can describe our excitement and happiness for this auspicious festival of light. We share good wishes for unlimited happiness, success, and prosperity for our loved ones with a lot of varieties of gifts that range from sweets, dry fruits, flowers, greetings, Lakshmi Ganesh idols, to electronic gadgets, equipment, gold, and many more. One can’t skip gifting at this festival no matter where they are. So, online gift delivery also trends to the maximum during this festival.

Eid: Eid or Eid-al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting. It is celebrated for three days. It is a joyous day for the celebrants as they meet with their close ones, organize feasts and merry-making. Gifting is a big part of this day. You can pick personalized gifts, perfumes, jewelry, accessories, and clothes at this festival.

Holi: On this festival of colors, the most important essential is the gathering of all the close people. Wishing each other with Gulaal is an unavoidable part of this festival. The gifts you can take when you go to meet your friends and family with Gulaal are flowers, chocolates, Ghujia, sweets, Herbal Gulaal, photo frames, and many more.

RakshaBandhan: One of the most cherished days of the year is RakshaBandhan when the brothers and sisters celebrate their love and affectionate bond between the two. The sister ties a knot on the brother’s hand and ensures an eternal bonding of love and care. “Rakhi gifts” are just mandatory for sisters. Even you can surprise your brother with some gifts. Rakhi, chocolate, personalized coffee mug, quoted coffee mugs, printed and quoted cushions, brother sister t-shirt pair, and clothes can be the Rakhi gifts.

Pongal/Makar Sankranti: Makar Sankranti or Pongal is celebrated in the southern Indian states which come in January. This is also celebrated in northern states as Makar Sankranti when we play with kites and celebrate this festival with a lot of fun. You can share good wishes with clothes, jewelry, artificial flowers, lamps, good luck plants, and many more. The most popular sweets on this day are Ghevar and Til Ke Laddoo. You can add sweetness to your gifts by sending your dear one chocolates, cookies, and cakes as well.

Christmas: This festival is celebrated worldwide and needs no explanation to describe how important it is. If you want to wish your dearies with some exclusive Christmas gifts then pick Santa soft toys, Santa cap and gift hampers, dry and plum cake, wines, chocolates, cakes, quoted cushions, red rose bouquets, etc.

KarvaChauth: This is an auspicious day that Indian women follow Hindu rituals for their husband’s long and healthy life and a peaceful and active married life. They keep fast and breakfast after seeing the moon. On these festivals, wives deserve to be pampered and praised for their sincerity and unparalleled love for their husbands. Cosmetic sets, jewelry, accessories, chocolates, red rose arrangements, and soft toys can be the ultimate KarvaChauth gifts for your wife.

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