A Guide to Online Fuel Delivery App

A Guide to Online Fuel Delivery App

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the on-demand service industry was getting largely popular. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, a major boost is noticed in every on-demand service. The main reason behind this increase is related to the social distancing norms issued by the governments. This has made people buy stuff online. Due to this, increasingly more businesses are creating mobile apps for their business models.

The fuel industry is not behind. Now, with the help of fuel delivery apps, you can get fuel delivered to your doorsteps. These apps have entered the market recently and thus, many people are still not aware of them.

Benefits of Fuel Delivery Apps
Nowadays, mobile apps let users get fuel delivered to their address or location. With these apps, users can register and create an order for an online fuel delivery service by simply sharing their location. They also let you track your order and make productive use of your time which you would have otherwise spent in long waiting lines at a gas station.

Time Saving
No one likes to go to the gas stations and wait for their turn to get your vehicle’s tank filled. With the online fuel delivery apps, you can now save lots of your time, efforts, and energy by ordering fuel online and getting it delivered to the location you want.

Unlike the fuel that is stored at gas stations for a long time, the fuel that is delivered to your doorsteps via an app is filtered and delivered more frequently. This ensures high-quality of the fuel.

Great For Emergency Situations
A fuel delivery app can be your savior during emergencies as it is available anytime and anywhere. Whether you need roadside assistance or want to get the fuel early in the morning or want it delivered to a faraway location, just book a fuel delivery service and that is it.

Low Maintenance Costs
On-demand fuel delivery mobile apps do not only enhance the user experience but that of service providers too. It does not require them to make a large investment in the beginning nor maintain or run a gas station. Overall, this assists them to make more profits with low investments.

Many startups have entered the fuel industry to avail of these and many other benefits. They have also made efforts to educate the users about the significance and profits of getting fuel at their doorsteps. These startups have also succeeded in getting the advantages of on-demand fuel delivery app development.

Important Features of Fuel Delivery Apps
There will be three versions of an online fuel delivery app, including the customer panel, the delivery agent panel, and the admin panel. Let’s have a look at what goes into creating these panels individually:

Customers Panel
People can now get fuel delivered within minutes by simply entering some vital details like fuel quality, types, and location. Following are the most important features that should be incorporated in the customer's panel of a fuel delivery app:

On-Time Delivery: Customers can schedule the delivery of the fuel by entering the time and date as per their convenience.

Order Tracking: With this feature, customers can track their orders in real-time. They can get to know their fuel’s exact location.

Flexible Payment Structure: If you offer different modes of payment, it can give your app an additional benefit. It is because different customers will use the app and everyone has a different type of preferred payment method. If you offer them the freedom to select any kind of payment, you will build a loyal client base that will stick for a long time.

Cost Finder: With this feature, customers will get an approx. estimate of the fuel cost. This information will be offered before they confirm their order. Ratings and Reviews: This feature will let customers rate and review your app. The feedback will be of great help to you to enhance the areas you lag. History Management: Customers can see their order history with this feature.

Delivery Agent Panel
Important features that should be included in the driving agent panel are:

Dashboard: this will let drivers take a look at important stuff like completed deliveries, current/scheduled bookings, and their earnings. Availability Status: Using this feature, drivers can turn their availability status on or off based on the situation. Drivers have the freedom to choose when to work or not. Invoice Generation: With this feature, the drivers can follow all the obligations and then generate invoices.

In-App Navigation: You can ask the on-demand app development company to include Google Maps in. the app to offer precise navigation. Accurate navigation is very important for the drivers while they are out to deliver any order. Rating the Clients: This unique feature lets the drivers rate their customers.

Admin Panel
There are some important features that are exclusive to the admin panel, including:

Analytics and Reports: Admin’s tasks become simple by data-driven advice offered through reports and analytics. With this help, highly important business decisions can be taken easily.

Manage Bookings: The admin gets the power to view and manage every booking made via the app using this feature. He can monitor the deliveries and make necessary changes in the reservation details.

Cost Management: Managing the fuel tankers is the admin’s job. Admin can also manage the costs of different gases using this feature.

Wrapping Up
Creating an online fuel delivery mobile app is one of the unexplored business ideas that have great potential. You should thus hire app developers in India to keep away from any kind of app development risks. Whether you are an enterprise or a startup, experienced mobile app developers India can help you from idea to designing user-friendly UI to development and deployment of your app on various platforms. So, collaborate with an app development partner and take action immediately.

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