What are Lab Grown Diamonds

What are Lab Grown Diamonds

Essentially it's an artificial diamond made in the laboratory—better known as a manufactured or manmade gem. Not only does it have similar brilliance and durability as a natural stone, but lab gems can even cost less than natural diamonds! They are eco-friendly and are produced from raw materials called diamond seed which is not mined from the earth. CVD diamond manufacturers are identical in composition to natural diamonds. Their beauty, brilliance, and fire come from the same source carbon—just like the diamond you wear around your neck. Lab-made gems are created using a process called chemical vapor deposition(CVD). This process involves inserting carbon-containing gases into a chamber and then exposing them to high heat, where they turn into a "synthetic diamond seed" about 1/10 of an inch in diameter. The seed is then placed in a chamber where low pressure and high temperature transform it into an actual diamond. The whole process takes weeks.

Are they real
Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds! They are very popular because of their extraordinary value for money. They have identical properties chemical, physical, and optical as mined gems. They consist of over 95% carbon and include the same trace elements as found in natural diamonds—such as nitrogen, boron, silicon, etc.

Buy Lab Grown Diamond jewelry in India
It's common knowledge that natural diamonds are very rare. Meanwhile, lab-grown ones are plentiful. There are many benefits to purchasing manmade diamonds over naturally occurring ones. They're not only beautiful and affordable, but they also do not harm the environment and help support the mining of natural gems. Lab-grown diamonds for jewelry are available online in India. Offer a wide variety of Lab-Grown Diamonds for sale, including a variety of shapes and sizes.

Which shape gives the greatest value for money
Lab-grown gems are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The size can vary from miniature to over one carat in weight. 'Round' can be found to be the most common shape, which is preferred by most diamond jewelry buyers. There are others like princess cut, marquise, pear, emerald, oval, and many more. These are available in India.

They often have hues ranging from pure yellow to vivid orange and even vivid blue color. They are available in various qualities, cuts, and prices. Natural diamonds are expensive because they're rare, so the cost of a lab-grown diamond is relatively less when compared to a mined one from the ground.

Certain shapes like round and oval are preferred by most jewelry buyers because of their beauty and affordability. There are many other shapes available that might be of interest to some buyers.

Lab-grown diamonds are very similar in color to natural diamonds. A few even have a slight hint of blue or pink, but this is not indicative at all. The clarity and color can vary due to the different supplies used during the initial stages of production.

How are they priced
Lab-grown diamond prices are quite reasonable, and you can get a deep discount by shopping. The prices of these gems are much lower when compared to natural diamonds, which makes it a great choice for those who seek great value but still want to maintain the sparkle and beauty that any other gem can provide.

How do you know if a diamond is genuine
Lab-grown diamonds are made in laboratories, and as such, they have to be certified by several institutions. Therefore you can relax assured that the quality of these diamonds cannot be affected once they are given a certificate by a reputable laboratory.

Not all lab-grown diamonds are genuine. There have been instances where synthetic gems are more expensive than natural ones because their value has increased due to their rarity. However, this should not be the case here because with more and more people opting for lab-grown diamonds, the prices should come down as supply increases.

Are the stones certified
Some laboratories that issue certificates only certify diamonds that come from certain manufacturing companies. However, many independent labs can certify all lab-grown diamonds regardless of the brand name. Getting a certificate is very important because it not only assures the buyer that the stone is genuine but also allows him to rest assured about its value and quality.

What are the benefits of buying lab-grown diamond jewelry
Lab-grown diamonds are a wonderful alternative for people who are looking for a beautiful and affordable engagement ring. The most important benefits of lab-grown diamonds include their low cost, which allows for good value for money, and the fact that they do not harm the environment. They also have the same optical properties as natural stones, which means that they provide great beauty to any jewelry piece.

There are many other benefits of buying lab-grown diamonds, including the fact that they can be purchased in different colors like yellow, rose, pink or blue. Apart from this, they can also be tailored in the size and shape that an individual wants.

What are some of their disadvantages
One of the biggest disadvantages of lab-grown diamonds is that most buyers do not know how to differentiate them from naturally mined stones. This is because there are no quality standards for these gems, and as such, there is no way for buyers to really judge the difference between a natural diamond and its lab-grown counterpart.

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