Women s Knee Sleeves How To Embrace Them

As a matter of fact, most of the older women suffer from osteoarthritis. It’s basically a condition that includes a ‘wear and tear’ type of problems in the joint cartilage and the other underlying bone degenerates. It happens mostly in the knee, hip, and wrist joints.

Older People and Knee Support For Women

You’d be surprised to know that 1 in 3 people above the age of 65 years and older have the chance to fall and have been observed to fall every year. In such cases, the risk of injury goes up as you get. At this time, the knee support for women provides not only practical support but also confidence in the knees throughout their life. By wearing the women’s knee sleeves, the chances of the knee giving out are not at all possible. It will definitely prevent older women from falling.

Incredible Facts About Older Women Falling

● Around 87% of all the fractures happen in aged women because of the falls.
● Most of the aged women who fall result in a hip fracture where you’ve to stay at the hospital twice as the number of days that you might have thought. This is what knee fall does to older people.
● One-fourth of the older aged people who have a hip fracture from the fall die within the six months time period of the injury.
● For the seniors who fall and are unable to get up, the duration of time that they spend immobile affects their health in a drastic way. There are other complications that you might face like pneumonia, hypothermia, pressure sores, and dehydration.

How To Prevent Falls In Older People?

Here’s how you can prevent the older people from falling and tripping hazards-

● Keep the house clean of any trip hazards.
● Install lights along the pathways and stairs.
● Use non-slip free material or any type of treads on the hardwood floors. If you run down a carpet in the middle of the hardwood staircase, it will look great and prevent people from falling.
● Install a few sturdy grip bars in the bathroom so that they’re able to hold well while showering.
● Use the bath rugs on slippery floors like that of the kitchen sink or the bathroom floor.
● Keep a flashlight near the bed.
● Wear comfy shoes or sturdy shoes with good treads. Put the high heels far away from the reach.
● Take up yoga as it helps in maintaining the flexibility to strengthen up the joints.
● Make repairs in the house like carpeting, repairing all the loose boards, and so on. Replace old lights as well, especially in the dimly lit areas of the house.

On the whole, if you’re not able to prevent the falling cases, you can always take the help of the Knee Support For Women because this is considered one of the most effective solutions for taking care of the knee joints.

Wishing you good health!

Take Care!

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