Keep your baby clean while they are eating with Bandana Bibs

Having a baby can be exciting as well as overwhelming for both parents. It would be best if you did not ignore the fact that a new life coming to the family comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is natural to neglect certain things in rush hour as parents have to take care of a lot of things when the baby is coming. However, you should make a checklist of certain things that cannot be neglected when the baby comes, such as Bandana bibs. As a parent, you may be wondering about the real need to buy the bibs, but you are unaware of their numerous advantages of having bibs for your baby. Although babies do not eat solid food, they dribble a lot and need bandana bibs to keep their clothes clean and dry. A clean and dry baby is less cranky, hence it becomes less problematic for you to keep the baby happy all day.

Below listed are different types of baby bandana bibs along with their utility:

1. Drool Bibs

Droll babes look like a hanky and, more like a fashion accessory. They are the perfect size to be used while feeding your baby with the bottle or nursing them. Drool bibs are extremely handy and comfortable to make your baby wear them for a long time. They are primarily essential for newborn babies who keep dribbling their saliva all over their shirt the whole day. Drool bibs prevent you from changing your baby's clothes the entire day and just put the roll around their neck, and you are good to go.

2. Feeding Bibs

When your little one finally starts eating solid baby food, it can be a whole new message for you to be cleaning their clothes every now and then you feed them something. Feeding bibs are designed to have a little pocket sewn on to them, which captures both liquefied and solid food and protects your baby’s clothes as well as the house from getting messy.

3. Smock Bibs

Smoke bibs are long-sleeved bibs that flow from your baby's neck to their knee. They make your baby’s clothes full proof from spelling during mealtime. These can be used to protect your baby's fancy dresses from getting spoilt during any party, or at a restaurant, or somebody else's house.

4. Disposable Bibs

Disposable bibs are not designed for everyday use but prove extremely handy when you are on vacation or attending an event where you cannot manage to get your baby’s clothes changed. You can simply make your baby wear these disposable bibs and throw them away after feeding them. Disposable bibs are the go-to option when you know that you will be late to reach home and want your baby to be clean and dry all day.

5. Scoop Bibs

Scoop bibs are made up of water-resistant plastic that has a trough-shaped tray at the bottom, which catches all the food crumbles and prevents your baby's clothes or your home from getting messy.


Bandana bibs are shaped in a triangular form and tied around the baby's neck so that they do not remove it every now and then. Bibs are a cloth that protects the clothes underneath from spit-ups, drools, or spills And are a super handy accessory for all situations. As new parents, you might get overwhelmed with numerous essential baby care accessories, But these are some things you cannot neglect to you keep your baby clean and tidy.

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