What is remarketing and how can it help you sell more

Surely it has happened to you that you receive reports on the behavior of your website and you have noticed that it is not as positive regarding sales as you would have liked, right? Don't worry, because you have the opportunity to boost your brand recognition even faster than bigger brands. All this due to certain strategies that help you triple this action, one of them is Remarketing.

What does it consist of? It is a digital marketing strategy that allows you to track people who at some point visited your website and showed interest in what you offer, to remind them and offer them again the product or service that mattered to them.

It is important because statistics show that very few buyers convert on the first visit to an online store, therefore the goal is to get them back. In other words, remarketing could be your star seller.

When other strategies fail to convert a customer, remarketing will provide you with a second, third, and fourth opportunity to re-engage that potential customer.

Example of how Remarketing works in everyday life
If you still cannot see how this strategy can help you, we make it easy for you with the following practical case:

1 Imagine that Ana enters your website, where you offer shoes. Seeing your different options, he gets more and more excited to keep looking because he likes them all.

2 The phone rings and she answers, logging out of the computer and leaving the store without buying anything.

3 This does not mean that the contact has been failed because if you use remarketing you will be able to "track" her to somehow remind her that you are still there and that you once attracted her attention.

4 You not only let him know that your brand/product/service is, through ads that follow him on social networks and the pages where he usually navigates; You give her a little push to motivate her to make a fatal decision. How? With a discount coupon.

5 What follows is that Ana when seeing those ads will remember the shoes that captivated her, coupled with the offer you make leads to her finally deciding to buy them. Zaaaassssssss… Remarketing did its job!

How to make your ad appear to the user everywhere? Easy, through cookies. Every time a person visits a website, cookies, or code fragments are inserted into their browser. They assign the user an identifier so that the ad platforms know who the user is and what page he visited, without collecting any confidential data.

Thus, a list of users called "audiences" is formed, which will be key when you direct your ads to the user who was on your Website, who was interested in your product or service, to complete their registration process, subscription, or purchase.

Infallible tips that will lead you to success
If you do not have the experience, it is recommended that you consult with a digital marketing company in Vadodara so that the campaign is carried out effectively.

  • Be balanced, so you don't make the mistake of showing your ad to the same person too constantly; If this happens, you run the risk that your ad will be marked as spam and you will end up blocked.
  • Don't use the same ad for the different audiences you have. Make your campaign as personalized as possible, you will surely obtain better results.
  • If you need help to promote your business on the Internet, contact us to schedule a consultation. We will help you formulate a plan that will grow your business.
  • Keep track of your campaign so you can see if it is working well or if you need to make changes to help you achieve your goals.
  • The main platforms on which you can do Remarketing are:
  • Social Networks. Your ads will not appear on a website, but in the Feed or Stories of your accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Google Ads. Show your ads on other web pages on the Google network.
  • Email Marketing. It is aimed at people who previously opened an email from your company, or who have already interacted by clicking on a link.

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