Top 6 Well Known Ice Cream Brands In India

Ice cream marketplace in India is booming for the previous couple of years and there are a listing of India’s maximum promising manufacturers of ice cream to be had withinside the united states of America, Here is the listing of maximum famous ice cream business enterprise in India and high-quality promoting ice cream manufacturers.

1. Amul

Amul logo is controlled via way of means of GCMMF and the most important manufacturer of milk and milk merchandise withinside the world. The Indian cooperative dairy business enterprise additionally has ventured into markets overseas, providing Amul ice cream crafted from clean milk and to be had in a huge variety of flavors.

2. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy business enterprise manufactures and sells fit to be eaten oils, frozen veggies, and fit to be eaten milk merchandise along with paneer, ghee, and ice cream beneath neath Mother Dairy logo. The business enterprise has a sizable presence in a maximum of the Indian towns providing fit to be eaten oils logo Dhara, pickles, jams, fruit juices, and Ice cream.

3. Kwality Wall

Kwality Wall’s is the logo of Hindustan Unilever business enterprise, The FMCG business enterprise is one of the primary manufacturers of frozen merchandise in India. The frozen desserts, ice lotions and famous merchandise of Kwality Wall’s are crunching Cornetto, Magnum own circle of relatives moments with greatest ingredients.

4. Natural Ice Cream

Natural Ice Cream logo manufactures one hundred twenty-five flavor of merchandise beneath neath Kamaths Our times Ice Creams and presently has a hundred thirty-five shops throughout India. The logo resources ice cream to its personal shops throughout India and additionally recognized for revolutionary ice cream flavors like cucumber, custard apple, and seasonal flavors encompass litchi, fig, and jackfruit.

5. Vadilal

Vadilal ice cream producer gives a huge variety of ice lotions of seasonal flavors withinside the united states of America and one of the main processed meals producers in India. Vadilal Industries has a completely sturdy distribution community in India and additionally an exporter of frozen veggies, equipped to devour snacks.

6. Baskin Robbins

Baskin-Robbins logo from America is a famous chain of ice cream and cake shop, sells ice cream manufacturers in almost 50 countries. The business enterprise ice cream parlors give 21 flavors in addition to unique taste each day of any month.

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