7 Healthy Type of Cheese

7 Healthy Type of Cheese

We all love our favorite food. Whenever we are offered something that we like, we always accept it without giving any second thought about it. Food is something that always makes us happy and filled with joy. And people who are foodies keep roaming around and look for any best destination to have something that makes their taste buds go nuts.

Eating our favorite food also includes fast-food from our favorite restaurants or the fast-food chains that operate both offline and online. It’s effortless to get your favorite food at home without even taking any step out of your house. And talking about favorite food, many people in this world are in love with cheese. What do you say?

Everyone loves to have cheese in their food and want to have a great taste. Cheese is something that will always add to the taste of your food no matter what you eat. That stretchy, juicy, and tempting cheese is something that makes your food look good and also makes it taste better than average.

But some of the people are very concerned about the use of cheese in our regular food. Cheese is considered an unhealthy item that shouldn’t be consumed on a large scale. People often advise to limit the cheese in your food and have some non-cheesy and straightforward food.

This claim is, however, not valid. Yes, consumption of cheeses every day is not advisable as we know excess of everything is terrible. But yes, eating it often is not bad at all. We can have cheese at least twice or thrice a week and can maintain a good physique and healthy body.

And for those who are still confused about the usage of cheese in their regular food and keep hesitating to eat it, here are the seven healthiest cheese that you can eat whenever you want. This list given below will mention different types of cheese that we usually consume while visiting our favorite fast-food chains and eating their food.

1. Mozzarella: this is one of the most widely and excessively used cheeses around the world. You will find this cheese on almost every food item that has cheese in it. This cheese has its original roots in Italy and is made up of buffalos milk. You might have tried this cheese while eating those Cheese Sticks from Sonic drive-in menu. They use pure mozzarella in this item of theirs. Talking about its nutritional values, this cheese contains a fair amount of proteins and has less sodium in it. It includes bacteria called lactobacillus casei and lactobacillus fermentum that acts as probiotics in our body. This cheese is known for boosting your immune system, thus should be considered suitable for eating.

2. Cottage cheese: this is another type of cheese that is made using cow’s milk. It is believed that this cheese originated in the U.S and is richer in protein than many other kinds of cheese present. This cheese is also considered for weight loss as it contains low calories and makes you feel full every time you eat it. Eating this regularly will reduce your calorie intake and will keep you full for an extended period.

3. Blue cheese: this blue cheese is made up of sheep, cows, or goat’s milk and then cured by using penicillium. It is white and bluish and has a strong and unpleasant odor. This cheese is considered the best source of calcium as it is rich in it. Consumption of this cheese will improve your bone health and will make you healthy and strong. This calcium also reduces the probability of a disease called osteoporosis that weakens your bones and makes them brittle.

4. Parmesan Cheese: this cheese has a gritty texture and is a bit salty. It is made up of cow’s milk that is aged for about 12 months to make it safe from harmful bacteria and get a good flavor. This cheese is a good source of calcium and phosphorus that are considered suitable for bone health. Eating this cheese in some controlled amounts will make your bones stronger and your body tougher.

5. Ricotta: this cheese is also from Italy and is made up of the watery substance left after making other cheeses from cow, goat, or sheep’s milk. This cheese is often considered as the lighter version of cottage cheese. This cheese is a good source of protein and is known for its muscle-building properties. Some other benefits of this cheese include lower blood pressure and low cholesterol levels in the body.

6. Swiss: This cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a rich flavor. As the name itself tells, this cheese originated in Switzerland and gained popularity because of its taste and its appearance. This cheese is good for lowering the blood pressure levels in the body. Apart from that, this cheese has lesser amounts of fats and sodium present in it that makes it healthier for all of us.

7. Goat: now, the last cheese that we have included in our list goes by the name of the goat. This cheese as the name tells is made from goat’s milk. This cheese has fewer calories and is rich in A2 casein that is less inflammatory and digests quickly without causing any problems. Also, it has low levels of lactose in it and high protein that makes it a healthy product.

So, this was our list of some of the healthiest cheese that you should consider in your diet. Hope you will like it and tune in for more such content.

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