Luxury Gift Baskets by Nutcracker Sweet

Luxury Gift Baskets by Nutcracker Sweet

Buying a gift for your loved ones is very crucial. Trading of skills increases love and creates a bond amongst people. Just a small thing makes this bound hence to keep this bound stay forever you must get a perfect gift for your friend. Are you also concerned about what to get for your friends? Don’t worry because we got you. Here at Nutcracker sweets, you will get the best types of gift baskets which are traditional, reasonable, and very handy. Today we will tell you about our Luxury Gift Baskets as these are our best kind for gifting purposes.

Travel Trio
Travel Trio is one of the best baskets that we have in our collection. It is uniquely designed and is very different from our previous baskets. This outstanding basket has won the hearts of millions of people, and it still is one of the highly demanded products. The Travel Trio basket is best for people who are planning on traveling soon; you can get this as a gift for your colleague who is about to cross. This basket costs $90, and the stuff includes, a Gentlemen’s Hardware Flight Ready Kit, Credit Card Multi-Tool, Travel Sneaker Cleaner, and a box of Milk Chocolate Almonds.

Explorer Essentials
This basket has a variety of products. The Explorer essentials are more of a feminine basket and are perfect for your female friends. This basket is beautifully designed in the shape of a box and costs $125 and has the best types of body products. The items include; Vegan Suede Planner, Lip Balm, soap, hand cream, 2 Wick Travel Tin Candle, and a flask bottle.

Beekman’s Goat Milk Beauty
Beekman’s Goat Milk Beauty is yet again one of our favorite baskets. Milk beauty only means that all the products in this basket are made from Milk. We all know how vital Milk is for our health and skin. Milk makes our skin smooth and delicate. The sole purpose of this basket is to give our customers perfect skin. We picked up all types of unique skin products that had Milk in them for this basket. These items are pH balanced, and it nourishes your skin and makes them very delicate. The items in these luxury baskets include Soap, hand cream, Face scrub, lip balm, and Body cream.

The Gentlemen’s lounge
The name perfectly tells us that this product is specifically made for men. You can get this basket for your Husband, brother, or boyfriend if he is planning to travel. The products in this basket include a Preston Face Wash, Preston Body Lotion, and Flask bottle along with all this the basket also comes with a power bank. This basket would be a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Posh Vegan
This basket is elegantly designed, and our employees have used their own hands to decorate this basket. This basket brings a whole spa to you. With the help of these products, you will have your spa. Posh Vegan is designed explicitly for Vegan people. The basket costs 125 dollars and has products like Lavender Sorbet Body Scrub, Charcoal Facial Cleanser, Lavender Hue Facial Moisturizer, lip balm, and an Immunity essential oil. This basket is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Have you ever dreamed of a very relaxing bath but are confused about which products are perfect for it? Don’t worry because the Aromabotanical basket has it all. The products in these baskets have a scent of coconut and like which are very relaxing scents. This basket is very reasonable and can be sent as a gift, or you can buy it for yourself as well. The items in these baskets include Coconut & Lime Essential Oil & Candle Set, Coconut & Lime Linen Spray, and Coconut & Lime Room Spray. All of our products are perfect for all types of events, and you can even get gender-specific gifts from the Nutcracker Sweets.

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