South African stuff to do

South African stuff to do

Safari in South Africa
I'm never going to forget if a large lion just a few feet from our open Land Rover stopped unexpectedly to look up. It's all frozen. Make a mistake and now we'd be a snack for his afternoon.

We went on safari in the Kwa-Zulu-Natal province of South Africa in Phinda, a 56,000-acre wildlife protected area. The lion was just one of the many magnificent animals we saw, elephant families, hunting cheetahs, playful zebras and so much more were also there.

Jumps & Swings Bungee Swings
Spring, three, two. With my belly in my throat, I walked out of the catwalk and into the void. The highest rope swing in the world is certainly a perfect rush at a football stadium in Durban!

So stop along the Garden Rute to sail from the Bloukrans Bridge at a height of 709 feet and bounce down a glorified rubber band from your knees. South Africa is the place to cure the fear of height by taking drastic action.

Shark Swimming
Sharks have a notorious reputation, possibly the most hated species under the sea. Big whites grow up to seven meters long and weigh more than three thousand kilograms. You will, however, experience up-to-date and personal encounters under a water cage on the Cape Town coast.

How about swimming with sharks without the tank for the more adventurous? In South Africa, it is totally (and very safe) to dive in this way with tiger & bull sharks. That's a wonderful experience!

Treffen die, Menschen
The variety of South Africa is one of the cool stuff. A perfect place to experience this and meet the various types of people who call this country home is the huge city of Johannesburg. I loved to visit Soweto City and to learn about the vibrant and important part of this city.

Meet residents and enjoy the unique art and culture of the city. Or meeting new friends in the countryside of St. Lucia for a popular Brai meal. Learning about a different way of life than mine.

Mountain Climbing Table
The most famous landmark of Cape Town is Table Mountain. A massive flat sandstone block that climbs into the air 35,000 feet. Table Mountain is a national park and a stunning hiking spot with more than 350 routes to the summit.

The majority of people take the telephone, but walking is much easier. However, the weather continually changes, so walking is often challenging. With bright skies and great views, you can luck or you can crawl into the notorious "tablecloth" – a fog covering the mountains sometimes.

Coast Surfing
The best surfing conditions in South Africa are in the world. A common adventure is to hire a car and make a stop at various surfing spots from Cape Town to Durban on the coast.

In places like Muizenberg and Jeffreys Bay, I spent a month developing my surfing skills. The water may be cold, but it is worth the waves and the lack of crowds. Yeah, I just remember I told you how amazing the sharks are, but don't worry.

Hippos and Crocs Kayaking
Some of Africa's most dangerous species fill the St. Lucia estuary. Kayaks paddling past in a safari in wetlands were great fun. The Wetland Park of iSimangaliso is a UNESCO World Patrimony, famous for its wildlife and swamp forests.

Giant crocodiles and hippos and even bull sharks can be found in the area. Were you aware that hippos are Africa's most unsafe animal? At first sight, you will never suspect it. It's fat and sluggish, but shockingly fast and aggressive.

The Desert Rafting
The Nama's indigenous people live in the rugged dry countryside of the Orange River, where parts of green vegetation flourish, a combination of red, brown, and orange hues — except the banks.

The Northern Cape is one of South Africa's most visited areas with a lot to see and do. One of my highlights was the rafting down this winding river in the middle of a desert and the night with a Brai barbecue.

Talk with the Spirits
I was invited to speak with my dead ancestors with a Sangoma local woman when I was visiting Khula in South Africa. To exchange wisdom and heal illnesses, she interacts with the ancestors of men.

Sitting in her holy cure hut, she told me what they told her about my future. This is a long-standing occupation practiced here for decades. The ruling? I'm a very fortunate man. Yeah, my forebears would like me to throw them a BBQ.

Rides in a hot air balloon
The majestic Magalies River Valley was unveiled as we soared into the sky on a hot air balloon with the sunrise. It's only one hour from Johannesburg northwest, the largest city in South Africa.

When you know that you are in the air, the first thing you realize is deep silence. There's no sound between any fire blasts from the burner. No propeller, no generator, birds alone. We float about a half-mile above the ground, slowly moving with the wind.

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