In Kerala India ten top things to do

In Kerala India ten top things to do

A list of things to do in Kerala is compiled below to make your vacation a memorable one. In God's own country there is a great deal to do and discover. Now you are up to what of these things you want to try first in Kerala?

1. Veli Village of Tourism – Have a Meal
Explore Lake Veli and dine at the floating lake restaurant is an unbelievable experience from all places of your journey to Kerala. Check the floating bridge between the tourist village and the beach and paddleboat into the lakeside A distance of 8 km from Thiruvananthapuram lies Veli Tourist Village. You can only rent a car, take a taxi or take a bus to the nice little hamlet.

2. Cafe Plantation Visit Wayanad
Drink where it's made from your cuppa joe. Stay in a coffee plantation or homestay and all activities in Kerala, such as cycling, night safaris, campfires and walks with rates starting at Rs 5000/night. Learn about the whole process from the first stage to the finishing of the perfect brew with the green coffee beans.

3. The Architecture of Fort Kochi
Fort Kochi is one of the highlights of Kerala. Fort Kochi has a lot of diverse architecture to gawk at with the influence of the Arabs, British, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese. Explore the area by foot or bicycle, including the Jewish Synagogue, the Portuguese Indo Museum and the Chinese fishing networks, the Basilica of Santa Cruz, and the beach of Fort Kochi, one of the best in Kerala. This fort on the beach, a queer phenomenon not many beaches and fortresses in the world are all for you. You will be pleased with this fortress. This is one of Kerala's best places to visit.

4. Watch Youyam, Kochi
Do not return without gazing at Youyam, which is one of Kerala's life-changing encounters and events. One of Kerala's best stuff is to see Youyam. They are situated in different North Kerala temples, usually in front of the shrine of the village. See the exceptional and beautiful dance in the districts of Kannur and Kasargod or take a show at the Kerala Museum in Kochi if you're fortunate. Before visiting, please check online the dates of the events on the Youyam calendar. Also, review the shows' schedules to ensure that during your visit you do not miss any performance.

5. Bird Watching Kumarakom
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary must be included in your list of places to visit in Kerala for all nature lovers. See uncommon birds migrating from a boat including hedgehogs, herons, waterfowls, and the Siberian cranes. You can easily reach the destination by bus or taxi, approximately 3 hours from Kochi. To make the most of your time in Vembanad Lake, combine bird watching with a houseboat stay. November-February is the perfect time to visit this place when birds from different regions come to the Northern Hemisphere after the season has ended and rested for a break. There is a nice accommodation in hotels and resorts in Kumarakom.

6. The Arabian Sea: Varkala Beach – Swim
In the healing springs of mineral water, beach Varkala, bathe and this lovely beach has salty ocean waters. Varkala is best visited between December and March, 50 km from Trivandrum International Airport. It's one of the very few beaches with medicinal and curative properties in the water. Swimming is one of Kerala's most popular activities. So, in March schedule a trip to Kerala and have a nice time!

7. Falls in Athirapal – get soaked
The extraordinary, 80-foot high Athirapal Falls that are called India's Niagara Falls are one of the many things to do in Kerala. A waterfall can be easily reached by bus or taxi, 55 km from Kochi International Airport. During the monsoons, from June to September, the falls are most frequented as they flow in full force and are an absolute wonder. Make sure that during your stay, your room stays tidy and safe.

8. Eat bananas, Trivandrum
Kerala has a variety of bananas in size, shape, and taste unparalleled. Try the local varieties of foodstuffs, accompanied by fried chips, steamed, and battered chips. Kerala's fried banana chips are actually popular throughout the country and make a perfect snack with tea or coffee.

9. Beach of Kovalam – Sunset Watch
The gorgeous sunset on Kovalam beach is one of the many things Kerala has to offer. It's one of Kerala's finest beaches. The star attractions are Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and much more peaceful Samudra Beach approx. 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Every day from 3 PM and 5 PM you can visit the iconic lighthouse. A visit to this location will tell you why all photographers prefer it!

10. Icycle Travel Idukki
The winding roads up and down the hills are the best on two wheels. You can go from Kottayam to several places in Idukki on three roads. One of the best routes to the wonderful Idukki Arach Dam is via Pala (Kottayam-Pala-Thodupuzha-Kulamavu). If you ride on this path, you will rejuvenate your senses and experience the happy Kerala weather in an incredibly thrilling way.

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