Best Tools Services and Programs for Product Promotion

Every business which, has newly opt for online platforms or the existing one. All these are in search of updated tools, and services for product promotion.

Here we will put some light on the best tools, services, and programs that can be used for product promotion.

Best tools for online advertisement
If your marketing strategy is investing in pay–per–click advertising campaigns on search engines and social media (for example Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Bing, etc.) then managing all the campaigns can be a tough part.

Ads campaigns need to be monitored constantly, and be updated on different occasions according to the strategy. It’s not just about monitoring but also the analysis and report making.

This can be tougher when you are using multiple platforms simultaneously.

But with highly evolving technology some tools will assist you through the process making it more smooth.

Google Ads Editor
Google ads editor is the best choice if you are running multiple PPC campaigns on regular basis.

It is useful in larger campaigns. It was formerly known as AdWords. The new and updated version is Google ads editor. This is much more convenient to use.

It consists of almost all required tools for bulk editing required.

AdStage will provide you with a better marketing experience when it comes to tackling each campaign. It takes off a load of reporting for each PPC campaign off your shoulder. It puts the reports of all the PPC campaigns that are running under one roof.

If you are looking for automating your marketing campaign with management and constructing an assistant, then AdStage is made for you.

It works well for all the major platforms that your PPC campaigns are running on.

Tools for promotion on social media
Social media marketing is not a piece of cake for everyone. It takes a lot of effort to make your social media campaigns go correct.

Being consistent is a must for social media marketing. Keeping your audience’s feed page updated with your posts is a must.

Many times it becomes tough to spare time to post every day on every platform. Scheduling these posts can get you off the hassling process.

Here are a few tools that will help you in scheduling the social media posts:

Among all the social media platforms, Instagram is on top of the list for marketers and social media users as well.

Instagram works best as everyone is engaged on Instagram through images. The audience is either posting images or going through the posted images.

An app that helps you schedule Instagram posts is a must-have. ScheduGram is the one that will assist you in scheduling Instagram posts.

ScheduGram brings you multiple options to customize your posting based on different factors.

Buffer also hits the top list when it comes to social media management. It also comes with many other features along, with scheduling social media posts.

The app also has an analytics tool that helps you track audience activity. It does help you find out the best time to post based on the audience’s activity analysis.

Iconosquare is again one of the best tools for Instagram marketing. It also has an inner built analytics tool.

Instagram has become the most important platform for a marketer with the best potential audience.

Iconosquare will help you manage the posts on Instagram and keep track with the help of the analysis tool.

Email marketing
Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods of all time. It helps you stay connected with potential customers. Hire an Email marketing company in Atlanta to grow your business.

It is strongly associated with content marketing. Email marketing campaigns aren’t that harder to run if you have, got the correct tool and quality content to keep your audience engaged.

MailChimp is one of the best tools for automated email marketing campaigns. It is an integrated marketing tool along with email marketing. MailChimp is also used by eCommerce businesses to help them boost sales.

The key features are automated email marketing campaigns and retargeting ads.

Automated marketing tools
Automation has become a need of time no matter if it is marketing. Marketing automation can be opted, not just for saving time but simplifying the complete process.

Let’s take a look at one such tool that will make your life easier as a marketer.

HubSpot Marketing tool
HubSpot is a fine player when it comes to sales, marketing, and Customer relationship management.

HubSpot provides a complete package for marketing, from engaging the audience to converting them into customers and bringing out sales.

This comes with a suite of tools that helps you with blogging, SEO, Social media, Emails, Analytics, and many more.

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