Kraft Pie Boxes the Perfect Packaging Solution for Your Pies

Packaging pies is a critical job and requires special care as well. all around the world governments have strict policies related to food safety. So, you should pay some attention to the packaging of your pies. Most of the time cardboard is used for the packaging of the pies but kraft pie boxes are ideal for the packaging. Kraft paper is utilized to make the Kraft pie boxes. There is a lot of difference between the normal paper and the kraft paper. Kraft paper is tougher than the normal paper which makes it ideal for packaging.

The paper is not bleached during the process. Due to this, there are no chemicals in the kraft boxes that can interfere with the pies inside. This will prevent any harm to the health of the consumer. As for packaging you will abide by the rules of the government in the packaging department.

There are a lot of advantages of using kraft pie boxes for the packaging of the pies. Kraft boxes suitable for the packaging of the food items because of the way it manages heat. if you are a bakery owner you must know that pie is always served hot. but what if you need to deliver it somewhere? Kraft boxes do not keep the heat inside. if you use any normal box for packaging the pies it can cause the pie to become soggy. And No one would want a soggy pie on their table, right?

To avoid such a problem kraft boxes emit extra heat in the box that prevents the pie from getting soggy. Your pie will stay fresh for longer if you use kraft pie boxes.

The best packaging for a PIE

Utilizing kraft boxes comes with a lot of perks. We obtain the material for this box from the pulp of the pine tree. This material is highly recyclable. This makes this packaging very eco-friendly. Kraft pie boxes are becoming the most popular boxes in the food industry.

Bakeries have been utilizing wooden pie boxes. Wooden pie boxes provide the consumer with a premium feel. Wood is great for packaging when it comes to strength. You can customize the wooden pie boxes in various ways. different kinds of designs are available to be engraved on the boxes. A unique packaging attracts the customers hence it will result in better sales.

Mini pie boxes are getting popular these days. Small pies look cute in small boxes. Custom pie boxes will enable you to make your packaging even more attractive.

Custom pie boxes

The Custom pie boxes are very effective for the packaging of your pies. Here in RSF packaging, we make all kinds of custom pie boxes with different materials. You can choose from different materials such as wood, Kraft, cardboard, etc. you have all the luxury to decide what you want and we will deliver it to you. custom pie boxes with windows are highly likely to sell your pies better rather than the other boxes. These boxes enable us to look into the box and see what the pie looks like. Whenever we look at the pie, we get a feeling that it is yummy. You can use this feeling to sell your pies better if you go with custom pie boxes with windows.

The customer will be able to see the product through the window of the packaging. Furthermore, the packaging will still protect the pie from the external heat. Kraft paper is the best choice for such boxes. The Kraft boxes will help your product stay fresh and tasty. Kraft boxes are easy to mold into any shape you desire. So, customization is not a problem when using kraft boxes. RSF packaging has the latest machines and printers for the premium packaging experience. You can choose from the wide variety of boxes that are already available and yet provide us with a design of your own. We will provide you with the number of boxes you demand in time and the way you asked for it.

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