Kotlin or Java Which One Is Better for App Development

Which development platform to choose for mobile apps is the most common query these days. A lot of times developers may be confused between Java and Kotlin, two of the popular development platforms.

Developing a mobile application is a complicated process and requires a lot of time and effort. However, both these languages (Java and Kotlin) are helpful for the development. Yet, the conflict does not end since both these languages have distinctive features to make the programmer think twice. Kotlin is declared as the official programming language for Android and Java is the oldest programming language available to date.

In this piece, you will find everything that you need to know about both these programming languages.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a general-purpose, statically-typed programming language with type theory. It is widely used by developers to build Android applications and is designed to interoperate with Java. The JVM version of its basic library relies on the Java Class Library. The inference enables the syntax to be more concise.

The main target of Kotlin is the JVM, though it also acquires native code or JavaScript. The sponsor of Kotlin is Google and JetBrains through the Kotlin Foundation.

Features of Kotlin

Kotlin is highly appreciated due to its unique features. Here are some unique features of the programming language.

Kotlin is more concise than Java; you will require to write 40% fewer code lines with Kotlin. It can be operated with Java. It is highly interoperable, and you won't struggle while using it.

The programming language possesses various highly-advanced features, like Lambda expression, String templates, operator overloading, and more.

Learning Kotlin is a steep curve. If you understand Java, it will be a lot easier for you to learn kotlin.

Kotlin is a statically-typed programming language that makes it less error-prone. It detects errors at compile-time.

Advantages of Kotlin

Allows writing less code

With lesser code, readability is also important and should be desirably improved. Kotlin offers both of these features. Thanks to JetBrains, this programming language is more concise than Java.

If done right, lesser code lines can lead to fewer bugs. When the framework does all the mundane facets of coding, developers get time to focus on other aspects.

Deciphers developer Challenges

JetBrains required a simpler programming language than Java that can interoperate with its main product. They analyzed all the alternatives and found nothing that suits their goal. So, the foundation built a programming language that can be used with Java easily and works everywhere, just like Java.

Kotlin solved all the challenges faced by app developers. For example, the type inference helps you avert null pointer oddities.

What is Java?

Java is an object-oriented, cross-platform programming language identical to C++, but with advanced features. This programming language is available to everyone and can operate on all platforms.

Java works on the logic of " Write once, run anywhere". The code is written once and can run everywhere. You can perform many statements without sequencing it. This programming language was developed by James Gosling and the team in 1995.


Java has made application development easier than ever before. It had removed all the complexities, like operator overloading and pointers that are present in another programming language.

Java is an independent platform, which means you need to write a code once and it will run on every other platform. In this programming language, the code is transformed into bytecode after the compilation process, which is not readable by a human being. Java never uses a precise pointer. Instead, it operates the program within the sandbox to make sure there is no third-party intervention.

Java has a powerful memory management system. It helps eradicate errors during compilation and runtime.

Advantages of Java

Easy to learn

Any programming language can be regarded as simple if it is easy to comprehend and use. The syntax of Java is easy to maintain, learn, write, and understand. It is not as complicated as C++ and C because it eradicates various complex features, like pointers, storage classes, operator overloading, and more.

A secure language

Java eliminates security threats and attacks by averting the usage of explicit pointers. A pointer reserves the memory address of other values that can lead to unauthorized access. This challenge can be by removing the intention of pointers. Java also possesses security managers for each application that enables programmers to define the access classes.

Parameters to draw comparisons between Java and Kotlin

Compilation time

Kotlin exhibits a slower compilation speed than Java. In most cases, Java's compilation speed is faster than any other programming language.

Null security

Kotin has built-in null safety. The null pointer exception is majorly responsible for Android development errors. Android relies on null to depict the scarcity of a value. It can also easily destroy an application. Kotlin resolves this issue by integrating inherent null safety. This addition saves developers from writing extra code.

On the other hand, Java does not support null safety; it is incorporated in the latest versions.

Lambda Expressions

Kotlin supports Lambda expressions that are anonymous functions and can be ministered as values. You can approve them as contentions to methods, or do anything you would do with a normal object. However, Java does not support Lambda expressions.

Which one is better?

Kotlin is about simplicity, readability, and the facilitation of the app development procedure, while Java is an independent platform and the code developed on it can be operated everywhere.

Java does not support various advanced features the way Kotlin does. Moreover, Kotlin has null safety, while Java does not support the same.

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