Tips to boost your sales this Black Friday

Black Friday sale is a much-awaited sale in the entire country of the US. Everyone gears up with their equipment to make the most of online as well as offline sales. Every year has the highest sales ever made. In such scenarios, you as a store owner need to furnish yourself with enough marketing strategies and stocks to match up with the crowd's expectations.

Especially this year is going to be a challenge with a longer wait time and shortage of the products. Then how would you deal with the rising demand Here are some tips that can help,

Start early
Sure the mega sale is always on Black Friday but, it doesn't hurt anybody to start a bit early. You don't have to put every item on sale. Instead, save the major merchandise for the sale day and start with smaller ones with fewer discounts. You can also start a pre-booking section where the customer can book their product well in advance.

There are two significant advantages. One is that you will get to know the demand for all the products in your store. And second is that you can prepare the stock accordingly. Especially during this time when stocks are limited, pre-bookings will help determine your requests from the wholesalers. This point is valid for both online and offline stores.

Get the word out
The current mantra of the world is, "if it ain't on the internet, then it ain't real!''. Let the world know about your store and the sale. Use social media to share the content. Invest in affiliate marketing and influencer marketing. These are the best ways to engage with the audience.

One of the least investment strategies is to go for email marketing. For every dollar spent, you get a $42 return on investment (ROI) and it also has the highest response rate. Find the email contacts of your demographics and start sending the newsletters and discount coupons.

Protip: Use to gather those email addresses. This freemium email lookup can fetch and validate hundreds of emails in just minutes. It also comes with a chrome extension to Linkedin accounts so, finding the contacts becomes an easy task.

Looks and offers
How your website and store look, matters during this sale time. Ensure both are hyped with all the exciting offers and discounts you can provide. For the website, make sure the landing pages are eye-catchy and the software is updated - so it doesn't crash on the D-day.

For the store, there should be enough backup of human power. Train them with skills to manage the crowd efficiently. Try to provide better offers online than in-store. That way, you won't have to deal with many people (given the COVID situation). Offer free shipping and discount for a first-time purchase.

Final thoughts
Strategize well, so the execution is effortless. Begin the countdown as it will be the biggest sale in the country! And once Friday ends, you'll have to gear up for Cyber Monday!

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