Code Review Guidelines for NET Developer

Code Review Guidelines for NET Developer

A peer review (or Code review) is a crucial process useful by all the successful teams of developers as it assists to share knowledge, improve skills fast, expand the expertise and avoid poor coding verdicts. Code review is based on evaluation and feedback, which makes it an active mechanism for improving the team’s flexibility and agility. In this article, I would help you by providing a useful checklist and guidelines for a perfect code review. If you want to make your .net development effective and beneficial then hire dedicated developers who perform all the tasks and give the best development services. A professional code reviewer is an extremely capable person who

  • ensures optimistic feedback on the project code
  • identifies as well as fixes any bug
  • helps teammates

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Code review includes 4 stages

  • Spotting changes
  • Reading the complete code provided by the author(s)
  • Offering crystal-clear feedback
  • Ensuring the code approval

The below-mentioned code review guidelines will assist in achieving a higher quality code at each of the stages and building top achievers' business mentality.

Productive approach

  • Begin by understanding the priorities of the team. Think about urgency and evaluate if the feature your co-worker is working on is crucial or not. Also, ask if your present work is urgent or not. (For example, if it is a 10-line modify that needs to go to prod now, then begin reviewing instantly and treat code review like the task of chief priority).
  • Respond to the comments to consider every section of the feedback.
  • Discussion of changes means you need to act regarding your peers.
  • Become a part of the supportive environment through maintaining good standards of code review communication.
  • Prefer discussion than arguing: it is more effective when talking about achieving the goals.
  • The priority is evaluated for every single case.
  • Become a mentor: every one of us attributes as a minimum part of our success to getting the right mentor. Furthermore, while explaining, you become more insightful.
  • One link leading to the supportive resource is better than a hundred comments to slight repetitive errors.
  • You aim to get suitable code check outcomes for code integrity.
  • Be clear and concise to avoid miscommunication.
  • Make a rapport with your review hunter: a trivial code review is chiefly a conversation.

Counterproductive approach

  • Overusing the choice of commenting will not work well as it makes the code review procedure more laborious than required.
  • Stating a view as a fact: delivering your opinions in writing could be a challenge so be cautious with selecting the words & tone.
  • Asking programmers to fix unrelated issues will cause the dead-end.
  • Saying 'not my problem, not my code ' is non-productive.
  • Asking queries in a sarcastic or judgmental tone might place your peer into the self-justifying mode.
  • Considering 'you' in code review might move the attention from the point of discussion to the nature of the coder so rather than writing "you done a mistake" send the modified piece of the code devoid of any additional comments or statements.

Best practices for Code review

Before You Begin

  • Remove compilation warning
  • Keep in mind that style arguments are effortlessly settled by adapting to the style guide
  • Perform Code Analysis

Documentation Check

  • Comments are relevant to the purpose of the code
  • Documenting comments is expressive (finding out and editing counterfoils in comments)
  • The comments are up to date

Code Structure Check

  • Repetitive code has been figured out
  • Code has no excessively complex modules and is well-structured
  • Unrequired methods or stubs removed/ avoided
  • Symbolic instead of "magic numbers" or strings are offered
  • Local variables possess self-documenting names
  • Replacement of the external recyclable components by calls has been done

Thread safety Check

  • Locks are attained without making the thread interlock
  • Access to objects through manifold threads is synchronized

Performance Check
To generate a speedier code, perform the below-mentioned steps:

  • boxing & unboxing get the speed gain to disappear thus keep in mind that ValueTypes can hurt the performance in using imperfectly;
  • make the check-up as well as apply profilers (accommodating for finding out the bottlenecks);
  • employing empty destructors would reduce the speed significantly and form a negative impact on performance thus avoiding it at any cost.
  • At the time of concatenating a big number of string variables, use System.Text.StringBuilder rather than the Visual Basic Concatenation Operators (& operator, + operator) or the C# + operator for avoiding the performance drawbacks;

So, these were some of the essential checklists that make the code review perfect, easy, and effective. If you are looking for a good dot net development company that can perform the best development without any pitfall and provide great business success through their effective and productive development then we are here for you. Hire dot net developers from our company and make your development task quick, effective, and profitable.

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