15 Amazing Health Facts That Will Amaze You

In this article, we will explain top health facts, you did not know earlier. These facts will help you stay healthy and fit.

Top 15 Health Facts

1- Coffee Reduces The Risk Of Depression
This is great news for coffee lovers. A recent study found that every cup of real coffee reduces the likelihood of depression by 8%. This is because caffeine alleviates the so-called brain inflammation that triggers depression. Another explanation is that caffeine enhances the effectiveness of dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

2- Tomatoes Prevent Sunburn
Eating a lot of tomatoes doesn't mean you don't need to use sunscreen. But they do contain the wonderful antioxidant lycopene, which acts as natural protection against UV rays. You can obtain 85% of lycopene from tomatoes. It increases the protective properties of the skin by 30% and reduces the risk of cancer. Lycopene is present in melon, paprika, and grapefruit.

3- Apple Aroma Prevents Claustrophobia
According to experts, sniffing a green apple can change the way you think about space, which will appear larger than it is. A 1995 study found that the smell of cucumbers has a similar effect, while the smoke from the barbecue has the opposite effect.

4- Drugs Lead To Violent Behavior
According to a report, 80% of domestic violence cases in the United States are one way or another related to drugs or alcohol. Using drugs like meth makes a person lose conscious which leads to violent behavior. Meth overdose has a devastating impact on human health. Moreover, meth withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening.

5- Dog Pets Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease
High-stress levels throughout life are one of the leading causes of heart problems in old age. What helps reduce stress? Favorite dog! According to scientists from Harvard Medical Institute, dog owners have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This makes the heart system stronger and healthier. So if your life is full of stress, don't waste time and get yourself a dog as soon as possible.

6- The Morning Sun Promotes Weight Loss
If you want to lose weight, the first step may be to spend more time in the sun in the morning. According to a 2014 study, morning sunlight has a positive effect on body mass index (BMI). Just 20-30 minutes of natural light, even on a cloudy day, is enough to affect your BMI. This is because, without enough natural light, our bodies find it difficult to regulate metabolism. It can ultimately lead to obesity.

7- Ginger Relieves Cramps
As a valuable medicine, ginger began to be used about 5000 years ago, when people in China and India treated indigestion with it. Since it is a natural anti-inflammatory, ginger can help relieve bloating and flatulence. Ginger relieves painful cramps during menstruation.

8- Green Tea Improves Memory
It's a magical drink! Green tea can help manage anxiety, promote weight loss, stop cancer cell growth, and even improve memory. Scientists have found that drinking green tea activates the connection between the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. It enhances our ability to remember sensory information and languages.

9- Antihistamine Before Bedtime Relieves Circles Under The Eyes
You can avoid dark circles under the eyes by eating well, sleeping well, and drinking plenty of water. However, few people know that a very common cause of bags under the eyes is allergies. Seasonal irritants along with dust in the bedroom can be causing the problem. So try an allergy-free drink before bed. And since they also have a sedative effect, as a bonus, you'll fall asleep faster.

10- Feelings Of Gratitude Cheer Up
Perhaps the key to happiness is saying thank you more often. Scientists have found that when you do this, you begin to realize the good things in your life, which is imperative to overcome depression. Regular thoughts of thanks, as well as verbal and written expressions of gratitude, can increase feelings of happiness by 25%.

11- Reading Reduces Stress
Just six minutes of pleasure reading a day can reduce stress levels by 68%. Immersion in a fantasy world takes away stressors more effectively than music, a cup of tea, a walk, or video games. However, reading a paper book provides a better understanding of complex and abstract concepts than reading from a screen.

12- A Sedentary Lifestyle Increases The Risk Of Death
It's a sad fact, but even exercising doesn't reduce the risk of death associated with a sedentary lifestyle if you spend 10-12 hours a day at your desk. To live longer, you need to get up from your chair every half hour and make any movement.

13- Bananas Banish Sadness
This is not only a healthy snack but also a joyful one, as bananas contain 50 times more dopamine than potatoes. And ripe bananas with blackheads are even higher in dopamine (the hormone of happiness), which can help cope with depression.

14- Chocolate Makes The Skin Firm
Dark chocolate - any bar containing at least 70% cocoa has many health benefits that make you beautiful. It also has the ability to protect the skin from harmful sun exposure and prevent wrinkles. The antioxidants in chocolate protect the collagen in our skin and stimulate the body to replenish fluid, so the skin stays firm and radiant for much longer. And those who eat chocolate five times a week, according to statistics, are slimmer than those who do not!

15- ATM Machines Are As Dirty As Public Toilets
Public toilets are perceived by everyone as dirty places. However, when we think of ATMs, we only have money in mind, not cleanliness. But it turns out that we need to be very careful when we go to withdraw cash. British scientists have found that the bacteria count on seats in public toilets is the same as on keyboards in ATMs!

Summing Up
This article provided you with top facts about health. You now know which things are harmful and which ones are beneficial for health. Stay safe and healthy!

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