10 Stuff in New Zealand you can only do

10 Stuff in New Zealand you can only do

New Zealand is a land of uniqueness on this tiny corner of solitude in the South Pacific. The nation has developed differently from the rest of the planet, producing both on land and on the sea bizarre creatures, some of which you will probably see for yourself in a gap year in Neuseeland. Landforms are so varied and mystical that the history of The Lord of the Rings was considered enough of fantasy land. There are so many things in New Zealand that can be done only.

This is just the thing you will enjoy every day. At night, New Zealand overlooks Southern Hemisphere stars (even one of the best views).

If that wasn't enough to check your business trip, New Zealand has also spent hundreds of years cultivating the Maori’s fascinating culture.

See the following list for all you can do in New Zealand only.

1. Glowworms tubing
Tubing experiences in New Zealand are also known as blackwater rafting. In reality, it is a low level, where a large cave network takes you deep underground. Sprinkle your way over glistening worms from the tiny waterfalls into streams. How couldn't you love these clever wizards?

2. The Culture of Maori
The rich Maori culture is a joy to learn from its history, legends, and contemporary way of life. The Maori culture – unique in New Zealand – is fascinating, from the war hookah to the incredible kai (food). When visiting Aotearoa, don't miss the interesting aspect of New Zealand's human past.

3. Some of the Darkest Clouds of the Earth
The first dark sky reserve in the world is in South Canterbury, New Zealand's South Island. Astronomy fans and amateurs alike meet to see some of the clearest starry skies. It's got a way to make you feel remarkably tiny and wonder:

4. See the light of the South (Aurora Australis)
Do you know that you might see the Southern lights from New Zealand when you talk about dark skies? It definitely isn't a guarantee of your New Zealand gap year, but you can experience this magic magnetic phenomenon by doing a little homework and a little luck. Make your chances better by reading How to see the southern light in New Zealand.

5. Fishing Jet Boat
Where else would you catch a jet boat dinner in the world? Okay, all right, we are getting a little ahead of us. The real story is that, after you have taken your adrenaline shot on the South Island Waiau River, a jet boat will stop and let you enhance the scenery. Then you return as quickly as you arrived at the base. This is not the typical fishing trip for your granddaughter!

6. Colossal Squid Gawking
On view at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington is the world's only complete colossal calamari specimen. The unbelievable size of the specimen will reconsider the fear of the lovely sharks you have... these animals are wandering our oceans, people!

7. Testifying Earth's Strength
New Zealand is nothing special to geysers, steamy land, and vibrant lakes. The fact that Rotorua, Northern Island is solely concentrated makes it so rare that it can get so close to the mighty earth's breathing. Learn how our host, the blue world, lives, and witnesses excellent sights.

8. Being a hobbit in everyday life
Yeah, Middle Earth is New Zealand! It's Edoras, Isengard, and Hobbiton, of course. Hobbit Village is one of the maddest fans in New Zealand on the bucket list. You will be greeted with an exclusive beer in the Green Dragon tavern after you have seen an image with every Hobbit hole. Experience it! This is the only place you can drink on Earth.

9. Kiwi Bird Embracing
You want to hug koalas in Australia. Maybe we're inclined, but we want to hug a kiwi bird personally. The flightless bird is seriously at risk and New Zealand is working hard to get it back in the wild in some reserves. Most of the initiative is sponsored by tourists such as you who visit one of two reserves or breeding centers, where you can learn about the life of the world's peculiar bird.

10. The Active Volcano Crater Lands
White Island is a coastal active volcano on the North Island coast of Whakatane. Helicopter access appears to live the Jurassic Park's opening loans. Slowly approaching and discovering his crater in the center of the dramatic island is an experience that will last forever in your mind.

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