What Lies Ahead Construction Tech Trends that will Make it Big in 2021

The New Year is going to mark a fresh beginning, with growing optimism for vaccines and people getting more comfortable with the new normal. Considering the impact that COVID-19 has had on industries, businesses across all domains are looking ahead to embrace new technologies that have the potential to keep them afloat amid a crisis. The construction segment is no exception. While nearly 60% of construction firms already had R&D departments for new technology in 2019, the numbers are going to get only bigger ahead. If you are looking for insights into what lies ahead, here are the upcoming trends that are all set to make it big in the industry in 2021.

Collaboration software and data ecosystem

According to a 2019 research report by Autodesk & Dodge Data, 53% of large general contractors were already utilizing software solutions for managing inspections and/or safety for at least half of their projects. In 2021, things are going to be a notch higher as real-time collaboration will be an essential element of Construction Project management software. It will facilitate close collaboration between multiple stakeholders as they will have access to updated data at all times. With the accumulation of valuable information at a single platform, businesses will be able to unlock benefits such as reduced communication failures, delays, and rework requirements.

Cloud and mobile technology

The use of cloud technology in the construction segment isn’t anything new, as 75% of construction companies already use cloud storage. The same goes with mobility as managers and workers need to stay connected across the large project sites. The innovative Construction Project management software of the future are going to fuel the adoption of these technologies even further. Since social distancing is going to be a norm now, workers need to be equipped with the cloud and mobile technologies so that they can stay connected and deliver their best even while being away from each other.

Business Information Management (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) software has been around for a few years, and the trend is all set to grow and evolve in 2021. The technology has massive potential when it comes to innovating design, development, and management of construction projects. It goes beyond only facilitating information exchange between the key stakeholders. Instead, it drives the precision, sustainability, and safety of projects, which can elevate the business as a whole.


While drones have been thriving in the sector in recent years, 2021 will see them gaining more popularity than ever before. With advanced technologies, they are poised to deliver more accuracy and precision in readings. Drones automate site inspections and safety initiatives while saving time and reducing dependency on humans. Surveyors can use them to easily go through an entire site in minutes, regardless of its size. Drones serve as a one-time investment that keeps yielding high returns for construction companies down the years.


The year of the pandemic has been a game-changer for the industry. Businesses now understand the value of being prepared for the worst. Robotics technology, for example, will witness a widespread adoption as projects encounter labor shortages and managers want to reduce the number of people on job sites deliberately. Eventually, robots will handle repetitive tasks such as laying bricks and tying rebar, and even managing the complex tasks that involve decision-making. To take things further, they can be integrated with Construction Project management software so that managers can use them to their full potential.

With such exciting developments ahead, 2021 appears to be a wonderful year from the construction technology perspective. As the New Year draws closer, it makes sense for businesses to embrace these technologies right away so that they can put their best foot forward.


After a tough year, the construction segment is gearing up to make a comeback in 2021. The best thing that businesses can do to emerge stronger in the new normal is by embracing innovation. Here are the key technology-trends that they need to embrace to put their best foot forward as they step into the New Year.

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