Build a Basic WordPress Website

Before we get started, we need to ask a simple question. Why are you even considering using WordPress? Before you read any further, ask yourself this question and make sure your answer is a solid one.

Why WordPress?

Reason #1: You don't know how to design a website and don't want to learn how. If this is your reason, then you should not be reading this guide. This guide is for people who don't have a solid reason for using WordPress.

Reason #2: You are starting a business and you want to save money on web design. If this is your reason, then you will be happy with using WordPress.

Reason #3: You are an advanced user and you want a robust framework to help you build awesome websites and blog pages. If this is your reason, then you will be happy with using WordPress.

Reason #3: You are a developer and just want to see the technology behind how a website is built. If this is your reason, then you will be happy with WordPress.

Types of Website You Can Make with This Step by Step WordPress Guide

We have listed for you below the types of website you can make with this step by step WordPress guide. This is important since you can later decide if you want to build one or the other later on.

Here are the types of website you can make with this WordPress guide:

Customizing WordPress with addons and extensions: WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) and it can be used for all types of websites You can use the core features of WordPress or you can customize your WordPress theme to the maximum. However, you can also use WordPress for building custom websites and webpages. With a custom WordPress website, you can build a variety of different types of sites.

Our step by step guide to creating a WordPress website helps you build an online store, blog, portfolio, portfolio, or a landing page for your business. When you create a WordPress website, you don’t need to know any programming skills such as JavaScript, HTML, or even PHP. You only need to know the WordPress framework and then use that to build the website.

Build Without Coding:

Elementor gives you the freedom to create any layout you want, using the best widgets available on the market, without having to code.

Future of WordPress Elementor:

  • Live Editing Experience
  • Powerful Drag & Drop
  • Full-Featured App Themes
  • Full-Featured Page Templates
  • Full-Featured Landing Pages
  • Full-Featured Portfolio
  • Full-Featured Shop
  • Full-Featured Video Player
  • Full-Featured WooCommerce

WordPress plugins:

WordPress plugins are one of the best parts of using the platform. These plugins add numerous features and functionalities to your WordPress website. With these plugins, you can add forms, tables, calendars, and much more to your WordPress website.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available and thousands more that you can build yourself. Some of the best plugins include Jetpack, which adds features such as contact forms, galleries, and email newsletters. The other plugins add more functions to your website.

Customizing a WordPress theme to get a unique look: WordPress themes are one of the best ways to customize your WordPress site.

Pick a theme/design for your website: When you are building a website with WordPress, you have the option of using a free plugin or a paid one. Most of the time, the free plugin is more than enough for your needs.

If you need additional features, you can buy a paid plugin or hire a freelancer to build a plugin for you.

There are thousands of free and paid themes available on the WordPress website. You can find a good theme for your website by searching for it by referring to your requirements.

If you don’t want to use a WordPress template, you can use a blank theme to design your website from scratch.

Otherwise, you can contact and hire Zebravo Web Design Services London

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